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Advocacy for Nathan Harrison Handler


I advocate Nathan Harrison Handler to become uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

I've worked with Nathan for a few years now, both in Ubuntu and Debian.

I've sponsored his work with udj-desktop-client, and found it to be of the quality expected of any DD. He's extremely responsive, and has an undying attention to detail. I believe he's fit for unrestricted upload rights to the archive.

Nathan is a great social fit, and I believe he will contribute in an extremely positive way to Debian's community.

Nathan is *not* a DM, so I feel that I need to justify this a bit:

While I like to see people go through the DM process (FWIW, I would give him DM on udj-desktop-client right now), I don't believe it'd be a good idea in Nathan's case.

Nathan currently (without DM or DD) maintaining over 80 packages with pkg-perl. While I can't advocate that work (I'm not a member of pkg-perl, nor do I feel right speaking on their behalf), I find it silly to force DM first.

I fully support Nathan's application to become an Uploading DD.

Paul Richards Tagliamonte (via nm.debian.org)

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