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Advocacy for Dmitry Smirnov


I advocate Dmitry Smirnov to become uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

I would be happy to see Dmitry becoming a Debian Developer because I have cooperated nicely with him in two cases:  He did a really great job in taking over maintenance of Midnight Commander (actually I think Dmitry is responsible for having a quite recent version of mc into Wheezy featuring way less bugs than at the time before he stepped in).  I was quite delighted to see that Dmitry was quite picky about single issues I raised even if they were of minor importance. He also has proven good social skills when it came to step into a not really existing packaging "team" by nicely working around to tip on anybodies toes.  So in short Dmitry has shown good technical and social skills to become a Debian Developer.

The other case when I worked together with Dmitry was when he started helping with one of our important packages in the Debian Med team where any helping hand is more than welcome.  So the Debian Med team would also profit from another Debian Developer and thus I'd be very happy if Dmitry would be accepted as DD.

Andreas Tille (via nm.debian.org)

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