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AM report for John Paul Adrian Glaubitz

I recommend to accept John Paul Adrian Glaubitz as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      John
   Middle name:     Paul Adrian
   Last name:       Glaubitz
   Key fingerprint: 62FF8A7584E029569546000674263B37F5B5F913
   Account:         glaubitz

2. Background
   Applicant writes:

   My full name is John Paul Adrian Glaubitz, I am 29 years old and I was
   born in Berlin, Germany and still live there. I have a Diploma degree
   in Physics and I am currently working on my PhD thesis.
   I have been to Oslo, Norway for a year and studied at the university
   of Oslo. I speak fluent German, English, Norwegian and some Japanese
   (I need some practice to revive my Japanese).
   I have been using computers since 1991, my first computer being a
   Commodore 64, later an Amiga 600. I'm still a fan of Commodore and own
   several Amigas and C64s, one Amiga actually capable of running Linux
   and hopefully soon the m68k port of Debian :).
   My first contact with GNU/Linux was in 1998, when my classmate bought
   a copy of SuSE-Linux 5.3 (Kernel 2.0.38, still remember that) on a
   computer fair in Berlin. I have been fascinated by the idea of
   completely free and open source software and just love the idea of
   of how free software enables everyone on the planet to access
   computers and information, without any discrimination against their
   language or social status. Free software is, in my opinion, a key
   element to more freedom and equality for humanity (sounds a bit
   idealistic and somehow like Richard Stallman, but I think it's true).
   I started using Debian sometime around 2002 when I entered
   university. Before that, I was using SuSE-Linux, Knoppix and
   Corel-Linux. I also used and contributed to Ubuntu for some time, but
   I was not an offical Ubuntu developer.
   As for my contributions to Debian, I am currently the maintainer of
   the Debian packages "z80ex" [1] and "kcemu" [2].
   I do a lot of testing by installing Debian on all kinds of machines at
   my university with different architectures and hardware. This helped
   discovering many bugs and reporting them to Debian as well upstream
   [3]. Whenever I find a bug, I report it.
   I also have my own upstream project [4] and have made some
   contributions to other upstream projects as well [5].
   My primary goal in Debian is to do more packaging work - I am
   currently working on packaging "radeontop" as well as "fs-uae" [6-7],
   the git repositories for these packages are available on github and I
   maintain them along with my other source packages already in Debian
   using git-buildpackage.
   Since I own machines of several different architectures - SPARC, PPC,
   amd64, i386, ARM and m68k - I would also like to help with the QA for
   these architectures.
   I am also always happy to help in other areas of the Debian project,
   it's always great to make a contribution knowing that I have improved
   Debian. I could, for example, also help translating documentation and
   applications into German or Norwegian.
   Finally, I was a mentor in Google Summer of Code 2011 with the help of
   the VideoLAN project and especially their chairman, Jean-Bapstiste
   Kempf. Note: I was not an official mentor, but still did most of the
   work. We applied through our own project, linux-minidisc, for GSoC
   2011, but since we were not successful, we were granted two student
   slots by Jean-Baptiste Kempf.

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