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AM report for Janos Guljas <janos@resenje.org>

I recommend to accept Janos Guljas as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
 First name:      Janos
 Middle name:     -
 Last name:       Guljas
 Key fingerprint: ED85 6FB8 2F9D A804 C678 D995 9E50 9C93 D26D F9D3
 Account:         janos

2. Background

 I live in Belgrade, Serbia. Born 28 years ago and currently finishing my
 physics studies on Belgrade University. I started using free software
 from curiosity eight years ago, frustrated  by limitations from
 development tools that I used. I experienced with most of GNU/Linux
 distributions and FreeBSD for some time constantly trying to find
 something stable enough and reliable to be also used for everyday tasks
 as primary system.

 My first experience with Debian was during the Sarge period, but real
 start was just a few days after Etch was released. I was satisfied with
 the system and started to read more about the project. I was impressed
 with dist-upgrade and reliability from practical reasons, but after
 reading the Social Contract, DFSG, history and ideas behind the project,
 I knew that I've found something more then just a distribution. My
 beliefs, principles and ideas matched perfectly. During the time, my
 interaction with people involved in the project reached the level where
 I could tell that I could cooperate and work with them. After attending
 DebConf11, I can tell that some of them are good friends of mine.

 If I have to answer what pulled me to the project mostly, I would say:
 people, ideas and then technical implementations.

 By using Debian I gained experience and, of course, wanted to
 contribute. As I was doing some web development mostly with Python and
 and Django framework some of the modules were missing in the archive and
 that was my practical excuse for getting involved in packaging. My first
 package was python-django-squeeze from May 2009, which is now removed
 due to licensing issues with phrase "shell be used for good, not evil".
 While packaging, licensing issues were all around, and I gained more
 understanding of importance of respecting other's freedoms and choices.
 My packaging work also covers a bit compiz and recently uWSGI.

 Involvement in Debian's i18n was triggered by removal of Serbian
 language from D-I. My girlfriend Karolina and I translated the rest of
 the strings and saved our language for Squeeze release.



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