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Re: [experimental] server-side archival of NM conversations

Hi Enrico,

On Wed, July 18, 2012 13:51, Enrico Zini wrote:
> I've implemented an experimental mail bot to archive NM conversations.

This definately sounds useful, thanks!

> Questions that may be Frequently Asked in the future:
>  Q: can I add information after a process is finished?
>  A: mail is only archived for "active" processes.
>     A process starts as active, and is marked inactive during the
>     nightly maintenance, when its state is DONE or CANCELED. An
>     application gets state DONE once the LDAP account is created, so
>     mail can still be archived until the process is really done.
>     I plan to let archival happen until after a month since the last
>     process activity (so that, for example, followups can be archived
>     for CANCELLED applications) regardless of the active/inactive state,
>     but that's not implemnted yet.

I didn't see this question answered, which I think should be an integral
consideration in any archival process: when will it be purged? When the
LDAP account is created sounds like an excellent moment to me.


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