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Re: Advocacy for Vasudev Sathish Kamath

On Sat, Jun 30, 2012 at 10:04:38AM +0200, Jakub Wilk wrote:

> Eeek! Can we have the requirement that advocacies are GPG-signed back?

Gladly, if you can figure a convenient way of doing it.

Note that advocacies here are notifications only: I reckon it's ok to
have unsigned things here, as long as the website keeps track of
authenticated submissions.

There might be a better way to send the notifiactions. I like putting
the advocate in the From header so that a conversation in the list can
happen, but a 'Person X advocated person Y in nm.debian.org and this is
the advocacy message' kind of blurb at the top of mails might make it
more clear to see what's going on.

I figured I'd get it to work somehow first, then once we see how it
works, we can reason on incremental improvements.



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