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AM report for Felix Geyer

I recommend to accept Felix as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Felix
   Last name:       Geyer
   Key fingerprint: 164C 7051 2F79 2947 6764 AB56 FE22 C6FD 8313 5D45 
   Account:         fgeyer

2. Background
  My name is Felix Geyer. I'm a 23 years old computer science student
  living in Karlsruhe, Germany.
  I've been using GNU/Linux since 2006 because I wanted to use software
  that is open and doesn't try to hide things and limit its users.

  I started contributing to Ubuntu in 2009 by fixing some random bugs
  but I was particularly interested in the virtualbox package. Soon I
  realized that it is much better to contribute to Debian directly. That
  way more users benefit from the work and it avoids having to
  continously merge the packages. After some time I started
  co-maintaining the virtualbox package in Debian.

  I (co-)maintain around 20 packages, mostly Qt/KDE-related and other
  software that I use, and I've also prepared patches/NMUs for other
  packages. I plan to continue that work and want to help reducing the
  delta between Debian and Ubuntu.


Iain Lane                                  [ iain@orangesquash.org.uk ]
Debian Developer                                   [ laney@debian.org ]
Ubuntu Developer                                   [ laney@ubuntu.com ]
PhD student                                       [ ial@cs.nott.ac.uk ]

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