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Re: Searching an advocate to become a DD

Le mercredi, 6 juin 2012 18.37:20, Thomas Koch a écrit :
> Hi,
> since I'm currently waiting to get two fairly simple packages sponsored
> (termit, unpaper), I thought it might be time to start thinking of becoming
> a DD. Would you like to be my advocate?

No :-)

> I've interacted with a couple of DDs over time and am afraid that there
> might be no single one who knows me good enough to advocate me. Maybe
> you'd like to respond to this mail and encourage one of the other
> recipients to advocate me?

From your mail (reading from the train), I could not understand if you are 
already a DM. If you are not a DM yet, you should probably consider getting 
trough this (vastly easier) process first; this would give you more 
opportunities to demonstrate your skills.

> These are my contributions to Debian since 2009:
> - Git migrated the packaging repos of
>   - fingerforce projects

With the above being the only technical contribution I can judge from, 
although it was quite well done, it is by far not enough for me to recommend 
you for NM.

I hope you'll find sponsors though!



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