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New minechangelogs interface (again)


I've integrated minechangelogs in nm.debian.org.

If you are logged in with a web password (any DD can do that, not only
AMs) then you can access https://nm.debian.org/am/minechangelogs/
where you enter one keyword per line, press Submit and get results.

It now also shows information about when last indexing happened and the
newest known changelog entry, so one can tell whether someone became
inactive or the indexing process got stuck.

Also, if you are logged in, there is now a 'changelogs' link next to
the DDPO and Portfolio links, for every person in the system. That will
prefill the query textarea with some possible keywords, but most of the
times you will want to tweak them manually.

There is also a 'Download' checkbox you can tick if you want to download
the results, for example so that you can attach them to the AM report.



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