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Re: Help with nm.debian.org icons

On Wed, Mar 07, 2012 at 12:54:22AM +0100, Enrico Zini wrote:

> The person who sends the best set of icons will get a hug and a free
> drink at the earliest opportunity, plus the gratitude of masses of
> people who will be spared the sight of my dreadful attempts at icon
> design.

Martin Owens made a point that I greatly appreciate: design is a
profession and not a competition. Programmers are not expected to all
create the same patch several times and then have the best one judged
for inclusion, and the same should be for designers.

I deeply agree: I was cargo-culting when I wrote that email, following
the only script I knew. I'm grateful to Martin for making the point, and
I hate the idea of competitions myself. Let's try and do this properly,

I would like to have a set of small icons to represent progress in the
NM process. The current progress states are these:

   app_new   Applicant asked to enter the process
   app_rcvd  Applicant replied to initial mail
   app_hold  On hold before entering the queue
   adv_rcvd  Received enough advocacies
   app_ok    Advocacies have been approved
   am_rcvd   Waiting for AM to confirm
   am        Interacting with an AM
   am_hold   AM put application on hold
   am_ok     AM approved the applicant
   fd_hold   FD puts application on hold
   fd_ok     FD approved the AM report
   dam_hold  DAM puts application on hold
   dam_ok    DAM accepted the applicant
   done      Process has completed successfully (account was created)
   cancelled Process has been canceled

More could be added if/when we implement support for things like machine
guest accounts, collab-maint and DMs, but those are what we have now for
the process "from anything to DD".

The icons would need to be shown alongside names in long lists like
https://nm.debian.org/public/nmlist, so we are looking at a small size,
like 16x16, possibly wider but not much taller.

This design task looks nontrivial to me if done well, but the main goal
of the icons is just to decorate a long tabular display while conveying
some amount of information at a glance. I do not think such a goal
justifies spending more than a few hours of work.

If you think they would be useful, the old NM icons can be found at
http://store.enricozini.org/old-nm-icons.tar.gz, although there is no
need to reuse them.

The license for the icons should be AGPL (the license of the code) or
any other DFSG-free license. DFSG-free CC licensees are: CC-BY-SA-3,
CC-BY-3, and CC0. Of course if you contribute to this you will be
credited in the site AUTHORS file.

Finally, let's not have contest, but let's just get something done. This
list is fine for a little coordination, and I don't think the goal
justifies setting up wikis or titanpads.


Enrico (with the help of Martin)

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