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AM report for Intrigeri

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Intrigeri
   Last name:       
   Key fingerprint: 1152 BF13 6B7A 1B1C 49FC  A659 BACE 15D2 A574 98FF
   Account:         intrigeri
   Forward email:   intrigeri+debian@boum.org

Key Check: 

gpg: requesting key A57498FF from hkp server keys.gnupg.net
pub   4096R/A57498FF 2009-09-13 [expires: 2014-09-12]
      Key fingerprint = 1152 BF13 6B7A 1B1C 49FC  A659 BACE 15D2 A574 98FF
uid                  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
sig!         EBE2D002 2011-07-30  Ulises Vitulli <uvitulli@fi.uba.ar>
sig!         2861A790 2009-09-18  Micah Anderson <micah@riseup.net>
sig!         D21739E9 2011-08-04  Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg@fifthhorseman.net>
sig!3        A57498FF 2009-09-13  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
sig!3        A57498FF 2009-09-13  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
sig!3        A57498FF 2009-09-13  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
uid                  intrigeri <intrigeri@squat.net>
sig!         EBE2D002 2011-07-30  Ulises Vitulli <uvitulli@fi.uba.ar>
sig!         2861A790 2009-09-18  Micah Anderson <micah@riseup.net>
sig!         D21739E9 2011-08-04  Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg@fifthhorseman.net>
sig!3        A57498FF 2009-09-13  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
uid                  intrigeri <intrigeri@riseup.net>
sig!3        A57498FF 2011-08-28  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
uid                  intrigeri <intrigeri+debian@boum.org>
sig!         D21739E9 2011-08-20  Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg@fifthhorseman.net>
sig!3        A57498FF 2011-08-14  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
uid                  intrigeri (Debian work) <intrigeri+debian@boum.org>
sig!         EBE2D002 2011-07-30  Ulises Vitulli <uvitulli@fi.uba.ar>
sig!         2861A790 2011-05-11  Micah Anderson <micah@riseup.net>
rev!         A57498FF 2011-07-27  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
sig!3        A57498FF 2011-05-11  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
sig!3        A57498FF 2011-07-29  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
uid                  Intri Geri (Debian work) <intrigeri+debian@boum.org>
sig!         EBE2D002 2011-07-30  Ulises Vitulli <uvitulli@fi.uba.ar>
sig!         2861A790 2011-07-28  Micah Anderson <micah@riseup.net>
sig!3        A57498FF 2011-07-27  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
sub   4096R/93F976C9 2009-09-13 [expires: 2014-09-12]
sig!         A57498FF 2009-09-13  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
sub   4096R/D5C743BC 2010-08-22 [revoked: 2010-09-12]
sig!         A57498FF 2010-08-22  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
rev!         A57498FF 2010-09-12  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>
sub   4096R/0F768ECC 2010-09-12 [expires: 2014-05-08]
sig!         A57498FF 2011-05-09  intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org>

Key is OpenPGP version 4 or greater.
Key has 4096 bits.
Valid "e" flag, expires Friday 12,September,2014 07:38:47 AM CST.
Valid "s" flag, expires Friday 12,September,2014 07:38:47 AM CST.

His key has two DD signatures, I asked privately to Micah and Ulises the process
they follow to valid his identity and IMHO is ok. According to previous cases
and discussion DAM/DPL will need to validate his identity.

2. Background
   Applicant writes:

   Once I was hooked to computers, the blackbox proprietary software is
   did not manage to keep me silently jailed for long. I wanted to
   understand how the software I run works, and why I happened to manage
   to fix your brother's OS by clicking this seemingly unrelated
   checkbox. I also wanted to fix bugs I suffered from, but this I did
   not know yet, lacking the skills and the mere idea I could be able to
   do it.

   I wanted to share software without spending time playing the various
   tricks the poor in this world use to use proprietary software despite
   its huge cost. All in all, I wanted to share, meet and participate
   instead of being a passive consumer.
   A friend of mine helped me install a Red Hat 5 dual-boot. Wow.
   Everything I could want to understand was documented somehow! However,
   the lack of Internet connection made it harder for me to upgrade
   packages and get in touch with the community; also, time constraints
   prevented me from learning that much about GNU/Linux for a while. So
   for three years, I went on playing with it, using it as much as
   possible but going back every now and then to another dreaded but
   more familiar OS, unfortunately.

   Only in the beginning of this century I physically met other people
   who did want to collectively reclaim software and the use of it.
   Together we empowered each other to use Debian GNU/Linux as our
   primary OS. In these years of Internet access rarity, we run free (as
   in free beer) Internet access spaces that run free (as in free speech)
   software; we run skills sharing workshops about GNU/Linux and online
   privacy; we revived old hardware, installed Debian GNU/Linux on it and
   gave it for free to those who need it; we learned iptables/netfilter
   and setup NAT routers in collective houses to ease Internet access
   sharing (where I live, domestic DSL modems were only modems at this

   Privacy, be it online or offline, already was my main area of
   interest; e.g. in I translated the CrytoAPI how-to - in 2003, I
   believe - yeah, this was the pre-dm-crypt time, you know.

   I started learning some programming and sysadmin skills, learned how
   to discuss with the Debian BTS and others, learned some about how free
   software communities work (or don't), learned some about how the
   volunteer software maintenance work, and went my way from "please
   apply my first patch to CVS" - this was against Scribus IIRC; I
   managed to forget everything about C++ in the meantime, which I
   honestly don't regret. I also forgot how to download a keygen, how to
   Ghost a "clean" Windows install back 3 months after it was saved, and
   generally how to deal with software that is not distributed in the
   preferred form of modification. Another side effect Free Software had
   on me, perhaps more unfortunate, is that I forgot most of the
   algorithmic skills I had, thanks to libraries written by others and my
   deep dislike of wheels reinventing.

   As of today, I maintain some pieces of free software (I wrote or did
   not), both upstream and in Debian: backupninja, metche, parcimonie.
   I'm one of the core developers of [Tails], that is the love child of
   Debian, Debian Live and Tor. Debian being my main upstream and
   downstream, no wonder I also participate in it, is it? I've been a
   GSoC mentor for the Tails project this year; also, I've been helping
   for a while a few upstream authors to get their software in proper
   shape for Debian -and generally, to be distribution-friendly-, and
   ITP'd it, because I find their software great and useful, I want to
   get it into Tails -if not into the desktop task-, and I want to be
   able to tell my friends -and every other Debian user- they can install
   it easily using Synaptic or their preferred package manager. To end
   with, as a Perl programmer, I want to participate in the maintenance
   of CPAN modules in Debian - hence my beginnings in pkg-perl.

    [Tails] http://tails.boum.org/
   I've no specific shiny new goal in Debian. Becoming a DD will make it
   easier (both for me and for my sponsors) to go on doing what I do; it
   will make it easier for Tails to give back to Debian. It will make my
   life easier as a Perl programmer. My involvement in Debian grew up
   in the recent years, and I now have a hard time saying "they" and not
   "we" when talking about Debian; attending DebConf11 only made this
   more obvious; time to become a project member!

   Internet search says:

   A simple search shows a lot of his work on CPAN, Debian, Upstream and his
   activism on privacy. 

3. Philosophy and Procedures
   Intrigeri has a good understanding of Debian's philosophy and procedures
   and answered all my questions about the social contract,
   DFSG, BTS, etc. in a good way. He committed to uphold the SC and DFSG
   in his Debian work and accepts the DMUP.

4. Tasks and Skills
   Intrigeri has a good understanding of the technical side of Debian.
   He is maintainer of backupninja, libgnupg-interface-perl, libgsecuredelete,
   nautilus-wipe, parcimonie.
   To some of those packages he is also upstream.
   All packages have being maintained in good shape for a long time, so far he
   is not a DM, so all packages have being sponsored by several DDs.

   I sponsored his most recently uploads, and I'm ok with the quality of his
   packages and his skills.

   He also answered my other questions regarding T&S without problems
   and provided patches for RC bugs and prepare NMUs for those bugs.

5. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept Intrigeri as a Debian Developer.



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