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Re: DM application of Cédric Boutillier

On Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 02:15:18PM -0400, David Prévot wrote:
>Le 16/10/2011 06:27, Cédric Boutillier a écrit :
>>This is my declaration of intent to become a Debian Maintainer
>  Even if I can't judge of his packaging skills*, I can say that Cédric
>is a dedicated member of the French localization team, he knows how to
>interact with Debian resources (e.g. webwml, publicity and other
>translation-related VCS). He is attentive to remarks, and is a very
>pleasant person to work with, so I cheerfully support his application
>(and would do that too if he asked to become a Debian Developer).
>* In fact, I recently interacted with Cédric for packaging stuff,
>reviewing his proposals to include translations to the
>packaging-tutorial package. He shows the same qualities as I knew of
>him: he is not only aware aware of packaging work, but also able to
>learn how to deal with specific corner cases, and doesn't hesitate to
>ask if any doubt.

Hello David,

I have gnupg 1.4.9-4 and mutt 1.5.21-5. See below. 

 dpkg -l gnupg mutt | grep ^ii
 ii  gnupg  1.4.9-4 GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
 ii  mutt   1.5.21-5 text-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG, PGP and threading

When I read your mail message with mutt, it displays the message below.

 PGP signature could NOT be verified.

And it shows the lines below.

 [-- PGP output follows (current time: Mon 24 Oct 2011 09:33:08 EST) --]
 gpg: Signature made Mon 17 Oct 2011 05:15:16 EST using RSA key ID FDFE09F2
 gpg: BAD signature from "David Prévot <david@tilapin.org>"
 [-- End of PGP output --]

I also have public key ID FDFE09F2 in my gpg keyring. See below.

 gpg --fingerprint FDFE09F2
 pub   4096R/FDFE09F2 2010-11-23
       Key fingerprint = AE14 AD01 426D 2BFB 82EF  7E1E B82A 217A FDFE 09F2
 uid                  David Prévot <david@tilapin.org>
 uid                  David Prévot <davidp@altern.org>
 uid                  David Prévot <davidp@no-log.org>
 uid                  David Prévot <taffit@debian.org>
 sub   4096R/60144D51 2010-11-23

I don't have this problem with other signed messages. So, what's wrong?



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