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Re: Advocating Stefano Rivera <stefano@rivera.za.net>

[NM Front Desk, 2010-10-16]
> Auth-Key: nmauth0bd6c9344b07b27313c23b7bfc90eee4
> Applicant: Stefano Rivera <stefano@rivera.za.net>

I sponsor Stefano since ~9 months. He maintains 10 packages and all of
them are in good shape, I am uploading his packages without comments
since a while. Stefano is Debian Python Modules Team and Python
Applications Packaging Team member (all his Python related packages are
mainatined within the team) and hangs with us on #debian-python.
I think he's ready to be a DD (he wants to skip DM and I'm fine with it,

* http://debianstuff.dittberner.info/ddportfolioservice/result?email=stefano%40rivera.za.net&name=Stefano+Rivera&gpgfp=&username=&nonddemail=stefano%40rivera.za.net&aliothusername=stefanor-guest&wikihomepage=StefanoRivera&forumsid=&mode=html&submit=Build+DD+Portfolio+URLs
* http://tumbleweed.org.za/
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