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Re: NM Report for Week Ending 16 May 2010

On Sun, May 16, 2010 at 11:56:01PM +0000, NM Front Desk wrote:

> The following applicants have completed all checks but are not
> approved by their AM:
>   m.schutte.jr@gmail.com (petere)
>   scott@kitterman.com (pkern)
>   jeffrey.ratcliffe@gmail.com (winnie)

Hi. Once I completed all the checks it normally takes me about 10
minutes to write an AM report.

When I see names hanging in this section of the report for weeks, I
wonder: is there something that makes writing an AM report a
particularly long, cumbersome or annoying task, or are these names stuck
(but not set on hold) for other reasons?

If the case is the latter, feel free to contact Front Desk
<new-maintainer@debian.org> explaining what is happening, as we are
likely able to give suggestions.

If the case is the former, let's talk about it. What is it that makes
you delay or postpone an AM report, or that makes you waste a long time
writing it?



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