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Re: Advocating Luke Faraone <luke@faraone.cc>

On Sun, May 02, 2010 at 11:10:31AM +0800, LI Daobing wrote:

> He has become Debian maintainer since 2010-02-27, it's a little short
> between the end of DM process and the start of DD process, but the DD
> process is very long, so we still have enough time to check his skill
> and perseverance on Debian project.
> And Debian is really lack of manpower.

Sorry for my delay, I have been caught in a mix of family business and
ash clouds.

I am afraid I have a bit of a problem with your advocacy. Please see:

  Advocation in the NM process
  When you advocate a person, you are saying that they need and should get
  unsupervised upload rights on the entire archive, right now. In the past
  some people were advocated who at the time had not yet done any Debian
  related work. Please only advocate people who have contributed to Debian
  already, don't advocate someone that you expect will get involved in
  Debian later on. Having to cancel an application, or having someone
  disappear while in the NM process, is a waste of time and motivation for
  everyone involved.

  As such, we prefer that people who want to apply to NM have been active
  in Debian for a while already, and have built up some experience. In the
  last few months, we've already redirected some people to the DM process
  when we felt that they were not ready to become a DD yet, and we will
  continue to do so. Please consider this an official policy as of now.

Please note that I am not questioning Luke's knowledge, motivation or
experience, since I do not yet know anything about them.

There used to be a habit of advocating people for DD early, reasoning
that NM takes a long time and there will be an AM checking the applicant
anyway. We found that this approach was one of the main reasons the NM
process took a long time, and that since now with sponsorship and then
DM there are plenty of ways to gain Debian experience, it's best to
reduce the NM process to a quick "oh, yes, indeed you're good"[1], which
makes it easier for the applicant as well as for the AM.

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/FrontDesk/Tips

So I'd rather you advocated Luke when you know he should get an
account ASAP, make a good case for it, and then we get him an account
ASAP, than risking to start a long, hideous mix of AM/mentoring that
would be a waste of time and enthousiasm both for Luke (who could have
more fun, and learn more, doing actual real Debian work) and for the AM.



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