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Re: Advocating Luke Faraone <luke@faraone.cc>

On 05/02/2010 10:46 AM, NM Front Desk wrote:
> Auth-Key: nmauth5eb321d2b03628c0597cff0883952d7e
> Applicant: Luke Faraone <luke@faraone.cc>
> Why do you advocate this person? (please provide a 5-10 line summary).
Luke Faraone has packaged several packages (including autokey, ...).
he has the skills required for packaging and is very active in
maintaining these packages.

He is also active communicating with other developers (such as me).

He has become Debian maintainer since 2010-02-27, it's a little short
between the end of DM process and the start of DD process, but the DD
process is very long, so we still have enough time to check his skill
and perseverance on Debian project.
And Debian is really lack of manpower.

> You are encouraged to take questions such as the following into account
> but you're not limited to answering these:
>  - How have they contributed to Debian already?
Yes, more information at

>  - What do they intend to do for Debian in the future?
more packaging works and help Debian better.

>  - How do they interact with others, such as users and other developers?
active and nice on this point. fast response on bug report. active
communication with other developers.

> Please note that your answer may be cited on a public mailing list unless
> you indicate otherwise.
> This is an automated message from the Debian New Maintainer website.
> Someone (possibly you) from the IP address
> nominated the Debian developer with the login "lidaobing" as an advocate
> for Luke Faraone's application.
> If you want to complete the advocacy process reply to this email, answer
> the questions above and GPG sign it. Please also make sure to include the
> Auth-Key (listed above) in your GPG signed reply.
> If you do not want to advocate this application or do not know what it
> means, just ignore this email.

LI Daobing

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