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Re: Bits from the New Maintainer process

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> You've managed to complete all the NM questions in a satisfactory way, so
> there is no doubt about that.

Can you then mark them all as done please?

> b) the way you asked for sponsorship was not the
> right to go (sending one RFS to a team or -mentors that includes half a dozen
> or a dozen packages is not helpful).

I think you missed the fact that I reposted all my RFS package by package later. It's my bad that you don't know as you asked me to put you as Cc: and I didn't do it for that second RFS.

> Either way, I recommend that you become a DM for now and see how things go.
> This gives you the opportunity to maintain most of your packages.

Great thanks! Exacly what I expected! :)

> I am sorry for the delay again.

Not a pb, I do understand. Thanks for this reply that was prompt.

What declaration are you talking about? I have send a signed one to the newmaint list a long ago...


Thomas (From my mobile)

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