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Re: Bits from the New Maintainer process

Enrico Zini wrote:
> If you are in the NM process and you suspect that it is getting stalled,
> please do not wait for months before contacting Front Desk at
> new-maintainer@debian.org


As I see the above, this pushes me to send a message.

It's been 2 months exactly that I didn't receive a single mail from my
AM, Steffen Joeris <steffen.joeris@skolelinux.de>. He has been assigned
as my AM at end of 2009, I think I have replied to all of the questions
he asked me (PnP, TnS, etc.).

Despite few emails that I have sent him to ask if he was waiting on
more, I currently have no news. I was told by Raphael Geissert
<geissert@debian.org> that Steffen was busy at end of January, but
that's all I know.

Also, I have numerous packages to upload, and lots of QA already done or
to do, more generally on my packages, but can't find sponsorship
anymore. To be 100% honest, I'm also being completely demotivated by the
process of having to advertise so much about my packages to get them
sponsored, knowing the current state of my application. Of course, I DID
send mail to -mentors or to other people that I thought could sponsor,
but I was hoping to get DM approved at least, as Steffen told me it
could be done very soon, but I have no news from that either.

What should be done from now? Should I wait more? Should I try more to
get sponsorship even being so close to the end of the process?

Hoping to get positive feedback from Steffen soon,


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