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Re: NM Report for Week Ending 21 Feb 2010

Hi Jeffrey,

I'm sorry to hear that. I've contacted winnie today and he wants to take care of
 your application on Monday, either by writing an AM report or by forwarding
everything to the NM FrontDesk, so we can make sure your application will be
finished asap.

Just as a general hint: Please contact Frontdesk earlier in such cases. We don't
mind to take care of it and it will be more enjoyable for all sides at the end.

Best regards,


Jeffrey Ratcliffe wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 11:56:01PM +0000, NM Front Desk wrote:
>> The following assigned NMs had no apparent activity in the last 18 months:
>>   Jeffrey Ratcliffe <jeffrey.ratcliffe@gmail.com> (winnie) since 22 months
> I finished my application in July 2008, or thereabouts. Winnie then
> informed me that he was about to take his university final exams and
> would look at it when he was finished.
> After some prodding, he finally made contact again in April 2009,
> saying that he had had a hard drive crash and would like me to resend
> all my questions and would need a week. That was the last I heard from
> him, despite several pings.
> It is a shame, and I would really rather not switch AM, but I would
> like to either get the process finished, or at least know where I have
> to improve.
> Assuming that winnie can't continue with my application, what is the
> process from here?
> Regards
> Jeff

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