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Re: Advocating Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au>

also sprach Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> [2010.02.15.2224 +1300]:
> I'm not sure I agree with this. He has been active on the lists
> for sure but not always for the best in my memory. I seem to
> remember a tendency to have very strong & bold opinion when it
> comes to DFSG freenees and license questions. In those cases, he
> tends to participate too much in the thread.
> I certainly fear that he would be more aggressive imposing his
> opinion on this topic once he's DD.

I have not followed the mailing lists much lately, so I didn't know
this at the time of my advocation. Arguably, I should have sought
more information, but between 7 other advocates and my own memories,
I didn't think it was possible.

I have since struck up conversation with Ben to get his opinion on
the matter. I will discuss this with him further. Ideally, the
current situation can be a catalyst to make him realise the

However, I certainly don't remember verbosity and opinion to be
a reason in the past to eject DDs, so I don't see it as a sufficient
reason to preclude people from becoming DDs. We are all opinionated,
and at the same time, we provide a forum where everyone can learn.

I was given that chance too.

> Concerning his technical skills, he certainly tries to do the best
> and to avoid mistakes but I saw him ask questions that I would
> have expected him to know at this point if he's supposed to be DD
> (-python related mainly).

I would appreciate pointers in private mail.

> PS: And he complains when he's CCed on lists. :-)

It *is* mailing list policy after all. ;)

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