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Re: Being advocated by a retired DD

Thomas Weber <thomas.weber.mail@gmail.com> (14/02/2010):
> [please CC me, I'm not subscribed].


> I would like to start the New Maintainer process (I'm already a DM).


> Since then, I've handled the respective packages alone (I'm in
> uploaders for all of them), so there simply is no other DD who could
> judge my current work as good as Rafael (he was the only DD in the
> group).

I've noticed your fine work there during some time (I was then
subscribed to pkg-octave-devel@), and noticed some interactions with
the rest of the world; as you said, I can't judge you as well as
Rafael, but I'm pretty confident you're ready to go through the NM
process, and can advocate you.


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