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Re: Advocating Cleto Martín Angelina <cleto.martin@gmail.com>

Auth-Key: nmauth43d043db8ce3d39ec349479f5bddb963
Applicant: Cleto Martín Angelina <cleto.martin@gmail.com>

I first met Cleto in 2003 when he was sophomore in the School of
Computer Science at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, in Spain. We
taught a short (20h) introduction course on GNU/Linux and he was an
outstanding participant. He soon developed a deep understanding of the
philosophy behind free software.

He joined our research group[1] as a research assistant in 2004 and he
started working on small free software applications we were involved in.
The School of Computer Science granted him a scholarship in 2004/2005 to
develop a customized GNU/Linux distribution for our students[2]. As you
can imagine he based GNESIS on Debian. The GNESIS repository is still
available[3] although he is actively pushing all of the generally useful
GNESIS packages into Debian. He currently maintains several unofficial
debian packages in GNESIS and also an official package (atheist[4])
sponsored by myself. Therefore he is already gaining familiarity with
the Debian Policy.

For the last 4 years Cleto uses Debian as his only OS in all of his
computers. He is the only person I am aware of who was courageous enough
to completely erase OSX from his powerpc based iBook.

He is one of the most active participants in CRySoL [5], a local free
software user group whose "recipes" are well known in Spain. CRySoL
recipes basically instruct how to do common (and not so common)
activities on a Debian system (ingredients are usually Debian

Cleto routinely works with free tools and IDEs (mostly on Debian
machines). He also works as both translator and reviewer in the official
project to translate to spanish the open book "Thinking in C++" by Bruce
Eckel [6]. He is fluent with C, C++, Python, Java, LaTeX, make, bison,
flex, Bourne shell, ... 

As a conclusion I can attest that Cleto is an outstanding free software
supporter with a long lived interest in Debian. He is both user-oriented
and technically capable. He is familiar with most of the Debian Policy
and with the debian packaging tools.

In the near future Cleto plans to introduce linthesia[7] (ITP #562487)
into Debian. He would also like to contribute to spanish translations.
He is also involved in the packaging and generalization of several home
made tools.

Francisco Moya

[1] arco.esi.uclm.es
[2] http://gnesis.esi.uclm.es/
[3] http://babel.esi.uclm.es/gnesis/
[4] http://packages.debian.org/sid/atheist
[5] http://crysol.org
[6] http://arco.esi.uclm.es/~david.villa/pensarC++.html
[7] http://linthesia.sourceforge.net/ 

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> Applicant: Cleto Martín Angelina <cleto.martin@gmail.com>
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