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Re: GPG key signing coordination moved to wiki.debian.org

On Tue, Jan 05, 2010 at 09:42:34PM +0100, Ralf Treinen wrote:
> > "If you are looking for a keysigning somewhere please first try to mail
> >  directly the people offering keysigning as detailed on the wiki
> >  page. If that fails, please mail -devel asking for keysigning and
> >  explaining why direct mailing failed (e.g. you got no reply and/or no
> >  offer is listed for the area you are interested in)."
> key signing has nothing to do with -devel.

Well, it is a matter of finding someone that can sign your key, right?
If there is a list of "offering" people the "in need" guy should first
mail them; if that fail the real question is «which place can help the
guy most in finding someone that can sign his/her key?». Assuming that
the request is scarce enough, I believe -devel has a good change of
finding someone. -private is good too, but the guy can't see the mail
and can believe it got lost.

> Anyway, I am tired of this. You want replace the old service with a
> wiki, fine. Go ahead.

I don't understand why you take it personal: AFAICT you stepped back
_before_ the whole thing got moved to the wiki. Also, I personally did
not advocate moving to a wiki, in fact I've nothing to do with that; but
now that it has been done anyhow, I don't understand why (in addition to
the wiki) we need to have an extra person receiving those emails.


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