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Re: AM report for Andrea Veri <andrea.veri89@gmail.com>


I agree with the others backing Andrea's application and agree with
Enricos evaluation given below.

For me Andreas work style and reliability has improved considerably
over the past few month and I am confident he is now ready to become a

The areas I peered with him since then are mozilla extensions and he
helped quite a lot on the gnome effort; there he took an important
role interfacing with debian and helped a lot to get the work we did
in ubuntu into debian (and more importantly vice versa). In particular
- next to his thorough understanding of the technical parts of
packaging - he appeared to be on top of the current debian policies
and procedures.

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 05:40:10PM +0000, Enrico Zini wrote:
> Hello,
> 1. Identification & Account Data
> --------------------------------
>    First name:      Andrea
>    Last name:       Veri
>    Key fingerprint: 4096R/93EBF6D8 2009-07-24  D78C DED2 EDC8 D9BA 4807  E817 DA86 22AE 93EB F6D8
>    Account:         and
>    Forward email:   andrea.veri89@gmail.com
>    ID check passed, key signed by 1 existing developer
>    Output from keycheck.sh:
>    Syncing Debian Keyrings with rsync from keyring.debian.org
>    Receiving and checking key
>    gpg: requesting key 93EBF6D8 from hkp server keys.gnupg.net
>    pub   4096R/93EBF6D8 2009-07-24
>          Key fingerprint = D78C DED2 EDC8 D9BA 4807  E817 DA86 22AE 93EB F6D8
>    uid                  Andrea Veri (Debian Key) <andrea.veri89@gmail.com>
>    sig!         86BC2A50 2009-07-24  Luca Falavigna <dktrkranz@debian.org>
>    sig!3        93EBF6D8 2009-07-24  Andrea Veri (Debian Key) <andrea.veri89@gmail.com>
>    Let's test if its a version 4 or greater key
>    Key is OpenPGP version 4 or greater.  Good!
>    Check for key expire stuff
>    No valid "e" usage flag set on key 0xDA8622AE93EBF6D8!
> 2. Background
> -------------
>    Applicant writes:
>    My name is Andrea Veri. I was born and I currently live in Udine, a
>    city located into the north parth of Italy, in 1989. I'm studying law
>    at the moment at the University of Udine, and it's going great so far.
>    I am fiancè since around two years with the love of my life, Giulia,
>    waking up in the morning is alwais special when you are close to a girl
>    like she is.
>    Let's say 'playing' with computers is a passion for me since I was
>    really young when I started hacking on server-related tools like
>    Apache, MySQL and Ftp servers. I started my journey with Red Hat /
>    Fedora in 2006, where I packaged some applications like gtorrent-viewer
>    and ctorrent, also contributing a bit writing some documentation.
>    After some time I decided to change and I moved my server and my
>    desktop to Debian discovering another world. Since that time I started
>    contributing to Ubuntu as well (where I am a Developer) trying to
>    reduce the delta between Debian and Ubuntu forwarding patches both to
>    upstream and to Debian BTS.
>    The first real package I started working on is gnome-btdownload, that
>    was the main Debian's BitTorrent client for quite some time in the
>    past. It has been a great experience and working together with Gerardo
>    Curiel and Alexander Sack (my sponsor) helped me improving my work and
>    my communications into Debian. 
>    Thanks to them and to some other DDs (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort, Luca
>    Falavigna, Reinhard Tartler, Alan Woodland) I now maintain several
>    packages mainly related to two main fields: mozilla-extensions
>    (Iceweasel, Icedove etc) and GNOME. 
>    I gonna focus improving my work, taking all my packages up-to-date and
>    keep making GNOME rock on Debian providing updates, bug fixes together
>    with a great cooperation between our team and upstream, which seems to
>    be the magic formula to make everyone happy.
> 3. Philosophy and Procedures
> -----------------------------
>    Andrea has a good understanding of Debian's philosophy and procedures
>    and answered all my questions about the social contract,
>    DFSG, BTS, etc. in a good way. Andrea committed to uphold the SC and DFSG in
>    his Debian work and accepts the DMUP.
> 4. Tasks and Skills
> -------------------
>    Andrea has a good understanding of the technical side of Debian.
>    Andrea is maintainer of several packages: gnome-btdownload, fische,
>    diff-ext, bitstormlite, ctorrent, agg, cgmail, and is a member of the
>    pkg-mozext and pkg-gnome teams.
>    All packages are in good shape.
>    Andrea also answered my other questions regarding T&S without problems and
>    provided patches for RC bugs.
> 5. Recommendation
> -----------------
>    I recommend to accept Andrea as a Debian Developer.
> Ciao,
> Enrico

 - Alexander

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