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Re: AM Report for Albin Tonnerre

On 19:36 Sat 14 Nov     , Martin Meredith wrote:
> 5. Reccomendation
> =================
>     Albin has worked solidly through his NM process, and I've been happy with
>     his work at all steps along the way.
>     I fully reccomend to accept Albin Tonnerre as a Debian Developer

I worked with Albin at the beginning of the e17 team and we maintain the dvtm
package together. It is a very nice person to work with. He provides high
quality debian packages and react fast when bugs and new upstream releases
appear. He work closely with the enlightenment team about bugs and such.

I fully Second this recommendation and hope to see him a DD very soon.

 ,''`. Xavier Oswald                         | xoswald@debian.org         
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`. `'  GNU/LINUX Debian Developer            | http://www.debian.org                
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