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Re: AM report for Emmanuel Bouthenot <kolter@openics.org>

Bernd Zeimetz <bernd@bzed.de> (03/11/2009):
> 3. Philosophy and Procedures
> -----------------------------
>    Emmanuel has a good understanding of Debian's philosophy and
>    procedures and answered all my questions about the social
>    contract, DFSG, BTS, etc. in a good way. He committed to uphold
>    the SC and DFSG in his Debian work and accepts the DMUP.

> 4. Tasks and Skills
> -------------------
>    Emmanuel has a good understanding of the technical side of
>    Debian.  He maintains various packages using his DM upload right
>    and also works in teams like the Debian PhotoTools Maintainers.
>    All packages are in good shape.  He also answered my other
>    questions regarding T&S without problems and provided patches for
>    RC bugs.

ACK on both, I've sponsored a lot of his packages and I've been very
happy with his work.

> 5. Recommendation
> -----------------
>    I recommend to accept Emmanuel Bouthenot as a Debian Developer.

So do I.


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