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Re: Unidentified subject!


* tangke <mumutouv@gmail.com> [090826 03:24]:
>>> Currently, I maintain the packages debian-maintainers
>>> and I co-maintain the packages debian-maintainers
>> Uh?  You are not listed as one of the maintainers on
>> http://packages.qa.debian.org/d/debian-maintainers.html and furthermore
>> if I understood the last sentence of the first paragraph of GR 2007/03
>> correctly, changes in the "Debian Maintainer Keyring" team are done via
>> delegetaion, and I haven't seen one.
> I don't know how to changes in the "Debian Maintainer keyring" team

Then you are obviously neither maintainer nor co-maintainer of that
package and therefore don't need upload rights for it.

Somewhere seems to be a missunderstanding:  Which packages to you
currently maintain?  Which Developer has sponsored your uploads so far?

Best Regards,

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