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Re: Reapplying as a DD after soft rejection

Martin Meredith wrote:
> Thomas, I was the person who soft rejected you.  As I've told you before you
> were not rejected because of "not replying correctly when analyzing licence
> files", but because you seemed to be struggling a lot through P&P, and I was
> concerned that you were not yet ready.

Yes, I didn't go in the details of my application, I can here.

I believe that I have been too quick and not careful enough in my
answers, especially for these license stuffs that I found a bit boring.
I was willing to do this fast to get rid of it, and I didn't consider
enough how important it was in the eyes of many DD, and my AM. I wont
make the same mistake again.

I still appreciate the time you spent with me on it, even though I was
really disappointed to have been rejected, and sad when realizing how
stupid I have been to reply that fast. Never the less, going through
these P&P questions helped me to realize the P&P of Debian, which is the
purpose of asking these questions, I believe.


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