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Notes from the NM AM FD DAM BOF


these are the notes taken during the BOF. It was built using gobby and
many people have been adding bits to it. It should give a pretty good
idea of what has been said.

Prepare a lightning talk "Bits from the AMs, FDs, DAMs, NMs"
 - we need more AMs
    - can be very rewarding, important help to project
    - there is no need to spend lots of hours per applicant
    - there is no need to use the templates (besides basic P&P things like 
      "do you understand the DFSG and DMUP and agree with it?"
    - if one packages libraries, put bits of changelogs in the report rather than ask library questions
    - reject sooner rather than getting bogged down in months of questions
    - common sense is more effective that you'd imagine
    - Don't overdo the apologising 
    - Say HOW to become an AM (on nm.d.o) -- done!
    - Give it a try, if you don't like it you can quit
 - don't advocate people until they are ready
    - (otherwise we... tickle you? ignore you?)
    eventually FD/DAM is going to ignore you, yes (if you do it too often)

AM/NM tools
 - ddportfolio
 - aggregate list of changelog entries with the person's name sorted by descending time?

 - the templates: how do we use them? how do we change (delete, add, alter
   questions) them? What questions usually feel unsatisfactory? What questions
   feel most useful? Templates (or interviews) should be enhanced with
   questions re: DMUP  I'd rather see these as up-front sign-off than additional overhead in the AM phase, but whatever...
   I don't think it makes much sense to start asking questions about DMUP. 
   This is mostly so that we can point to "hey, you agreed to this" rather than
   anything else.
     + Would it be OK to put files in your home dir before ftp-masters approve it?
     + Would it be OK to send mails to general devel mailing lists from your @d.o address
     There are many points that _should_ be part. DMUP is a bit... nebulous? [not really an NM issue? {People should really understand what they commit to! and DMUP is often just accepted as a tramit} ] Not down to earth?Such documents usually come into existence largely to provide a fall-back position for legal and other reasons when someone behaves badly... a place like DMUP isn't necessar4ily the right place to communicate acceptable interaction behaviors and other related "issues of style"
   - don't need to ask too many details if it's obvious the NMs know what 
     they are talking about
     -- How do we identify "obvious that the nm knows enough"?
 - Advocate shouldn't promote NM until Advocate feels NM is ready... ← DM actually helps towards this goal, as it gives an alternative path
 - what extra info do AMs usually provide to NMs? (For example, I do emeritus,
   upgrading-checklist, maintainer scripts on debian women wiki)
 - how to deal with NMs that would be ok but disappear for a long time without
   notice? (my current thought is to negotiate with them a reasonable
   committment and see if they can stick to it)
 - practices to regularly tidy up: ping/soft-reject people on hold for long
 - Work on / reposition the AM checklist/howto → http://www.debian.org/devel/join/nm-amhowto
TODO for NM.debian.org website interface:
 - send mail on approval from FD / DAM
 - Allow multiple advocates per applicant



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