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Re: Problems becoming an advocate

On 23 Mar 2009, at 9:22 am, Peter Palfrader wrote:

Bernd Zeimetz schrieb am Donnerstag, dem 19. März 2009:

Tim Cutts wrote:
I'm trying to become an advocate for Guy Coates (using
https://nm.debian.org/nmadvocate.php?email=gmpc%40sanger.ac.uk) and try as I might Guy is still sitting at "No Advocate". I use that page, it says it's sent me an email, but I never receive it. I've tried changing the address to which my tjrc1@debian.org address forwards, and still no joy. I've tried it again today. Can you poke around in the logs and
find out why these mails are never getting to me?

Could you contact me on irc so we can figure out which problem you were running into? Chances are good that your mail failed to go trough the minimal PGP check
which is done by exim now.

Tim said he never even received the challenge mail. That's unlikely to
be caused by the PGP check on the advocate@ address.

I am having PGP problems as well, though. I thought I'd done the appropriate cross-signing now, and uploaded my key to the Debian keyserver, but it looks like my reply to the advocacy message has failed the key checking:

You tried to approve the application of a New Maintainer (NM) applicant.
However, there were problems with the verification of your GPG

Error: Unable to check the signature or the signature was invalid:
==> Message Error: GPG execution failed 6782
Python Stack Trace:
  <module> ./gpgwrapper:149: raise Error, Res[0];

So I'm a bit confused now about what more I can do. I did the signature check that Peter told me about a couple of weeks ago, and uploaded the new public key. Perhaps it hasn't made its way into the keyring package yet.



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