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AM report for Michael Prokop

Report for Debian Developer Applicant Michael Prokop <mika@grml.org>:

1. Identification & Background
   Check with Keyid 0x37E272E8:
    pub   1024D/37E272E8 2002-01-24
          Key fingerprint = 04AE E62C 9502 CD34 A7DA  857B D8DF 53FB 37E2 72E8
    uid                  Michael Prokop <mika@grml.org>
    sig!         9B441EA8 2006-05-22  maximilian attems <maks@debian.org>
    sig!         BC7D020A 2007-03-03  Alexander Wirt <formorer@debian.org>
    sig!3        37E272E8 2004-10-21  Michael Prokop (Web: www.michael-prokop.at) <mail@michael-prokop.at>
    sig!         AB9B66FD 2008-09-05  Thomas Lange <lange@debian.org>
    sig!         F1BCDB73 2008-09-05  Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net>
    sig!         E8C43461 2008-09-05  Ana Beatriz Guerrero López <ana@ekaia.org>
    sig!         1B3045CE 2008-09-08  Colin Tuckley <colint@debian.org>
    sig!         5706A4B4 2008-09-15  Simon Richter <Simon.Richter@hogyros.de>
    sig!         AC583520 2008-09-21  Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org>
    sig!    P    92082481 2008-09-30  Adrian von Bidder <avbidder@fortytwo.ch> 
    204 signatures not checked due to missing keys

   ID Check passed, Key signed by at least three developers.

   Applicant writes:
   | IIRC I came to GNU/Linux during a course at university. Free
   | software was great for me because I could learn a lot via looking at
   | the source code of programs I actively used. Because I liked this
   | principle so much I decided to give something back to the community
   | as well on my own.
   | In 2003 I was pretty unhappy about the state of several Linux
   | distributions and decided to create my own distribution. But instead
   | of re-enventing the wheel I finally decided to build my work on top
   | of the (IMHO) best available distribution - being Debian. :) The
   | result of the work is a meta-distribution named "grml"
   | (http://grml.org/) which is meant especially for sysadmins,
   | texttool-users and also handicapped persons.  One of my most
   | important policies behind grml always was and is to tell people that
   | grml is based on Debian and that all grml developers should work
   | *together* with Debian people instead of hiding problems or even
   | duplicating work. It's very important for me that people are aware
   | of the importance of Debian for projects like grml.
   | Working as a system administrator and system integrator I'm
   | interested in the server part of Debian, but thanks to grml of
   | course also in all the live-cd areas. I would like to provide
   | furthermore software and features we have in grml to Debian.  My
   | contributions are especially in above mentioned areas (including
   | packages like initramfs-tools, live-initramfs,...). Due to the
   | nature of grml (mainly) being built upon Debian/unstable I try to be
   | a well informed and up2date person and report bugs/patches wherever
   | possible. Because I'm also very interested in project management in
   | the Open Source field I could also image to contribute to the
   | quality assurance of Debian.

2. Philosophy and Procedures
   Michael has a good understanding of Debian's Philosophy and
   Procedures. He answered all my questions about the Social Contract,
   the DFSG and the BTS.

3. Tasks and Skills
   Michael is Maintainer of op and iwatch, Packages in Debian. More
   interestingly, Michael is the founder and lead developer of the grml
   project, which provides Debian-based live CDs.
   He also answered my questions regarding T&S without problems.

4. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept him as a Debian Developer.
   Account:       mika
   Forward-Email: mika@grml.org

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