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Re: former DD

I did announce it, but I believe I did that on -private. I suppose it should have been debian-devel, and it should
have been signed.  :-(

There is a copy that I had forwarded to debian-bsd here:


As for being missing, I'm not aware of any attempts to contact me, and my email address has not changed
since the mid-90's.


Gunnar Wolf wrote:
Nathan Hawkins dijo [Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 04:30:32PM -0400]:
Ok. Can someone tell me why exactly I'm in removed-keys instead of emeritus? I suspect that it's
because I retired from Debian before the emeritus status existed.


If I understand correctly, it might be because you didn't properly
"retire" from Debian (i.e. you didn't inform the project with a signed
mail), but was found as inactive and missing.

If you _did_ announce your retirement, do you remember when was this?
Even better, do you have the message ID, so we can find it quickly in
the archives?


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