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Re: DM application for Trent W. Buck


"Trent W. Buck" <trentbuck@gmail.com> writes:
> Petr Rockai has agreed to act as advocate.
indeed -- I have been acting as a sponsor and a sort of co-maintainer with
Trent on the darcs package. Trent has done a good job working on the package,
migrating it to a major new upstream version. He also cleaned up the packaging
considerably, in a followup effort. He has been receptive to my suggestions and
has demonstrated ability to work without supervision -- I have learnt to trust
him on packaging issues. Moreover, Trent has been active with upstream as well,
which gives him a few bonus points. He has also contributed significantly to
the fact that darcs 2 has made it into Lenny -- without his work on the blocker
issues, it wouldn't have been possible.

In addition to activity upstream, I have noticed him to communicate also with
Ubuntu people about the darcs package, which is welcome as well. Overall, he
gives me an impression of a cooperative developer with interest in his work. I
know Trent is also active with other packages in Debian -- his other sponsors
and/or co-maintainers might want to comment?

To sum it up, I support Trent in becoming a Debian Maintainer -- and if he so
decides, I would support him to continue the endeavour and become a Debian
Developer (although I realize this is a laborious task). I am happy to be on a
team with Trent -- it's been, and I hope will continue to be, a good


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