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Support for DM application of Jörg Sommer

Dear application managers,

I am writing in support of the application for DM status of Jörg Sommer.

I know Jörg Sommer since 2005, when he joined the Debian JED Group (DJG), a
team dedicated to packaging the JED-related software.  Jörg has been since
then one of the most active members of the Group in all aspects:
participation to the mailing list, comments and fixes to the bug reports, as
well as a massive participation in package development through SVN and now

Jörg has also get involved in the upstream development of JED and that has
been very useful for maintaining the Debian package.  He also maintains
other packages outside the DJG.  His technical skills, as well as his
knowledge about the Debian internals, make him a serious candidate for
integrating the Debian community in a more formal way.

In sum, I strongly recommend the DM status for Jörg Sommer.

Best regards,

Rafael Laboissiere

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