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NM Report for Week Ending 17 Aug 2008

          Weekly Report on Debian New Maintainers

For week ending 17 Aug 2008.

Weekly Summary Statistics
7 more people applied to become a new maintainer
0 applicants became maintainers.

Applicants with no advocate
The following applicants have no advocate and have been waiting in the queue
for longer than 3 weeks but less than 6 weeks:
Alexander Rodin <rodin.alexander@gmail.com>
Email will be sent to the applicants.

The following applicants will be deleted as they have been waiting in the
the queue for longer than 6 weeks with no advocate:
Mike Forbes <mike@nothing.net.nz>
Email will be sent to the applicants.

Random checks
The following applicants have completed all checks but are not
approved by their AM:

The following applicants are not AM approved but have an inactive AM:

  sugi@nemui.org (csmall)
  debian@adkgis.org (isaac)
  gandalf@le-vert.net (jab)
  nledez@virtual-net.fr (mbanck)
  koster@debian.org.tw (mpitt)
  robtaylor@fastmail.fm (pyro)
  nkokalichev@yahoo.com (pyro)
  noltar@korongil.net (rcardenes)
  lscheiter@gmx.net (rene)

The following applicants have been on hold longer than 6 months:

  jay@skabber.com (sfrost)                                      2004-01-27
  nledez@virtual-net.fr (mbanck)                                2004-04-16
  docelic@mail.inet.hr (pmachard)                               2004-09-30
  bonniot@users.sf.net (aba)                                    2005-08-02
  koster@debian.org.tw (mpitt)                                  2005-10-24
  cedric.gehin@epita.fr (aba)                                   2005-11-10
  corydodt@twistedmatrix.com (mooch)                            2005-12-05
  noltar@korongil.net (rcardenes)                               2005-12-12
  hmw26@cam.ac.uk (he)                                          2006-02-24
  dgil@telefonica.net (enrico)                                  2006-09-28
  debian@adkgis.org (isaac)                                     2007-01-08
  sugi@nemui.org (csmall)                                       2007-03-09
  xenos@upm.edu.ph (riku)                                       2007-03-14
  gandalf@le-vert.net (jab)                                     2007-04-29
  zhengpeng-hou@ubuntu.com (myon)                               2007-08-12
  Greek0@gmx.net (zorglub)                                      2007-08-19
  timo.schneider@s2004.tu-chemnitz.de (bas)                     2007-08-20
  invent@edena-fr.org (bas)                                     2007-08-20
  fbayle@bigfoot.com (he)                                       2007-08-26
  jon@alcopop.org (myon)                                        2007-09-29
  sgbirch@imsmail.org (myon)                                    2007-09-29
  marco87@gmail.com (madcoder)                                  2007-11-10
  vagrant@freegeek.org (siretart)                               2007-11-11
  ted@midg3t.net (he)                                           2008-02-16

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  AM name is in brackets.

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