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Re: DM application for John Sullivan

John Sullivan <john@wjsullivan.net> writes:

> I'm applying to be a Debian Maintainer. I've been using Debian for about 5-6
> years now. I maintain the xword package, am upstream maintainer for the
> planner-el package, and am upstream co-maintainer for remember-el.
> I agree to the social contract, DFSG, and Debian Machine Usage Policies.
> (I also have an NM application pending.)

Although John already has Mako advocating his NM application, I am happy
to add my advocation to his DM application. John is unquestionably a
good fit for Debian. He currently is doing a fine job maintaining a
number of well-used Emacs modes, and intends to take on more but doesn't
wish to overwhelm his sponsors. John is very committed to free software,
he has worked for the FSF for over five years and has a very solid
background in licensing issues. I cannot find a reason why John
shouldn't be a DM as a step towards his progress towards becoming a full


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