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Re: Advocating DM Application for Andrew Ruthven

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> writes:

> Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au> (02/07/2008):
> > For this endorsement to be useful, you should re-do this message as a
> > reply signed with your Debian GPG userid.
> I'm a bit concerned. What kind of documentation didn't I read? At least
> the GR text, the README in debian-maintainers, and the wikipage on
> wiki.debian.org don't mention that.

The page <URL:http://wiki.debian.org/Maintainers> mentions it, but in
the wrong place. It's mentioned as part of the procedure for the
*applicant*, but not mentioned in the suggestions for an advocate.

> | $ finger awm/key@db.debian.org|gpg --import
> | gpg: key 8F068012: "Andrew McMillan (Andrew @ Work) <andrew@catalyst.net.nz>" not changed
> And my mailer says good signature from that key. And IIRC that's
> pretty sufficient.

You're absolutely right. For some reason I didn't see a GnuPG
signature on Andrew McMillan's message, but now that I check again
it's there.

Apologies for the distraction.

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Ben Finney

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