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Debian Maintainer Application for LI Daobing


I am applying to become a Debian Maintainer.

I have read and agreed to the Debian Social Contract, the DFSG, and the 
Debian Machine Usage Policies.

My key is signed by Yu Guanghui <ygh@debian.org>.

I have maintained several packages[1], including qterm, chmsee, lunar-applet, 
manpages-zh, liblunar, and comaintained some packages in DebiChem Team. I am 
an active member of Debian Chinese Team, almost all of the packages I 
maintained along belongs to Chinese culture. I am also a member of DebiChem 
Team, but currently I am not active in DebiChem Team because I find a new job 
without relation with chemistry. 

currently Bas Wijnen is my sponsor, but some other developers also help upload 
my packages. including Adeodato Simó, Christoph Haas. The packages in 
Debichem Team is uploaded by Michael Banck.

[1] http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=lidaobing@gmail.com
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-chinese-gb/


LI Daobing

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