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Re: DM application for Adam Cécile (Le_Vert)

Aurélien GÉRÔME a écrit :

On Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 04:02:16PM +0100, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
Regarding the example of #443702 (fuse-source's NMU), there are many
examples of DDs not replying positively to NMUs, so it doesn't seem fair
to reject DM/DD based on this. A recent example is #459193, where
Aurélien Gérôme (currently waiting for DAM approval) didn't answered
very welcomly to an NMU I sponsored. Are there other examples of
socially-incorrect behaviour from Adam?

Sorry, but I fail to see the relation between my behaviour in #459193
and Adam's in #443702. I do not mind receiving a NMUdiff in a bug
report and I certainly like the idea. However, I was upset to find
the so-said NMUdiff in a DELAYED queue 20 minutes later, without
giving me time to anwser.

I learnt during the NM process that NMUers are supposed to contact
the maintainer before rushing forward. This is at least what I did
in #451417, #450446, and #434150.

It was the same thing. We both received a NMU without having been contacted first. Moreover the patch proposed in the fuse NMU diff was broken and added a useless dependency without fixing the real issue.
That's what I was a bit upset and I now admit I shouldn't have been.
I agree with Lucas, I'm not the only packager that had trouble with NMUs.

After some talk on debian-devel-fr@irc, it seems that some french developpers didn't like me at all before and they now admit most of things I did before may be forgotten. Seems some time must past before they really trust me, so let's wait one year before doing anything else.

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