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Re: DM application for Ian Beckwith

Ian Beckwith wrote:
> I would like to apply to be a Debian Maintainer.
> Moritz Muehlenhoff has offered to advocate me.

> I'm also part of the team developing and maintaining surfraw.

I'm the other active half of surfraw maintainers and I've always
found Ian to be diligent and easy to work with. He's doing what
he does with great enthusiasm - e.g. he even created a new test
suite for the surfraw modules and has driven all efforts to
make the Debian version the new upstream (the old project has
been abandoned) - and competence. I fully trust him to use the
DM privileges wisely. We also met in Edinburgh and meeting him
in real life didn't contradict any of the impressions I got about
him when working over the internet.

As a consequence, I advocate to accept him as Debian Maintainer.


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