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Re: DM application for Charles Plessy

Everyone on Debian-Med knows about the fantastic work of Charles. Besides 
having his own packages in a nice shape, one I have sponsored myself. Charles 
is a major driving force of Debian-Med's collaborative maintenance and also 
contributes a lot of improvements to packages secondary to his professional 
interest. I was in the CC lines of several emails of his to upstream 
developers which were all perfect, even leading upstream to develop 
modifications allowing for an inclusion of his software for Debian.

I am certain that Charles will make it to a DD stage in one of the very next 
rounds. To have Charles as a DM would give Debian a little boost and I hence 
support that, too.



On Thursday 06 December 2007 00:50:38 Charles Plessy wrote:
> Dear all,
> Too bad I did not have DAM approval yet, I missed the train for account
> creation. « Shouganai » as we say in Japan (« C'est la vie » in
> French) ; since I do not have the timetables, I hereby candidate as a
> DM.
> I agree to the SC, the DFSG, and the DMUP.
> This mail is CC'ed on the debian-med@l.d.o mailing list; can one DD
> there advocate me ? I will submit a patch to debian-maintainers shortly
> after.
> Have a nice day,
> [please CC me, I am not subscribed to debian-newmaint.]

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