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Time between Dm-Upload-Allowed and ability to upload?


Yesterday my sponsor uploaded packages I provided with
"Dm-Upload-Allowed: yes".  All were ACCEPTED, but one
(robotfindskitten, 1.4142135.349-3 [0]) has FTBFS errors on a few
arches [1].  I corrected the problem and tried to upload an updated
1.4142135.349-4, but it was REJECTED.  Mind you, at this point
1.4142135.349-3, the upload specifying "Dm-Upload-Allowed: yes" has
been ACCEPTED, but the source package has not hit the mirrors, which I
suspect is the problem.  Does the mirror pulse have to run before DM
uploads can take place on a package?

On another note, I received this with the REJECTED message: "Rejected:
dm:rfinnie@redundant.com may not upload/NMU source package
robotfindskitten".  rfinnie@redundant.com was an alternate uid I had
on my key and didn't realize it was still on there.  The email is not
valid anymore and I have since issued a revocation for that uid.  I'm
guessing technically it won't be a problem since dak recognized me by
key, but if I wanted to correct that, should I submit a new NM
changeset with "Action: import" as well?  From the documentation, it
sounds like jetring's "import" works similar to gpg's "import", as in
it's a merge and the uid revocation should be applied to my existing
DM entry.


[0] http://packages.qa.debian.org/r/robotfindskitten/news/20071126T090204Z.html
[1] http://buildd.debian.org/build.php?pkg=robotfindskitten

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