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DM upload rights for some packages only (Re: DM: Arthur Loiret)


On Friday 23 November 2007 23:17, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   Meanwhile, he has a couple of packages really easy to maintain, and
> I'm planning to let him deal with them on his own, while I continue as
> both a sponsor and an AM to follow his more complicated packages (namely
> gdc and llvm).

I cannot comment on Arthur (as I don't know him and haven't looked at his 
packages at all), but I like to point out that I like the Pierre's proposal 
here: let a DM upload some packages of his own, while stil mentor and sponsor 
some others.

I know this proposal/procedure is not new and rather has been "implicitly" 
part of the GR, but I stil feel it's worth pointing out, that we don't have 
to give an DM the rights to upload every package he or she maintains.


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