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Re: Application for Debian Maintainer

Am Dienstag, den 20.11.2007, 14:30 +0100 schrieb Manuel Prinz:
> I, Manuel Prinz <debian@pinguinkiste.de>, hereby apply as Debian
> Maintainer. [snip]
> I've worked in the Debian OpenMPI Maintainers team and Dirk
> Eddelbuettel encouraged me to become a Debian Maintainer. I also
> contribute to other packages in Debian, mostly science-related,
> besides my own packages.

In reply to [1] I'd like to comment on why I find DM useful and applied:

I think that DM is a great possibility towards becoming a DD and allows
people to contribute to Debian in an easier way. This is especially
useful for team-maintained packages. In the OpenMPI Maintainers team all
the (upload) burdon is on Dirk's shoulders, as he is the only DD in the
team, though others are technically skilled, too.

Sponsoring is a great thing but I think that there is a point on which a
sponsor is confident that the sponsoree can handle the package by
himself. DM allows to let the sponsoree take control over the package
which can be especially useful if a package is team-maintained. Also,
the sponsor and sponsoree can decide that on a per-package basis via
XS-DM-Allowed. DM gives the possibility to actually work on Debian, not
waiting for sponsors until NM is finished [2]. Before DM, one had no
rights (packages via sponsor) or all (DD). I think that Debian profits
from the more fine-grained model.

I think there are several good points about DM but those are irrelevant
for my application.

One more comment to the ITPs on my QA page: Most of them are ready and I
found sponsors for them. All had several upstream issues to be resolved
first, most of them copyright problems. I'm actively working on them,
although the page may give the impression that I'm not.

Best regards

 1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint/2007/11/msg00112.html
 2. Which I was told takes about to years. I didn't verify that.

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