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AM report for Matthew Johnson

1. Identification & Background

pub   1024D/5BE86FB9 2001-10-22
uid                  Matthew Johnson <matt@matthew.ath.cx>
uid                  Matthew James Johnson <mjj29@cam.ac.uk>
sig!3        2BE16D01 2002-10-18  Moray Allan <moray@sermisy.org>
sig!         DD9B9910 2003-08-23  Philip Hands <phil@hands.com>
sig!2        10FA4CD1 2003-07-12  Colin Watson <cjwatson@flatline.org.uk>
sig!2        76B8A43D 2003-08-18  Stephen Stafford <ssta@linuxops.net>

Matthew writes, "I am currently a PhD student at the University of
Cambridge researching computer security. I started using Debian at the
release of Potato while at 6th form college (with Andrew Suffield) and
returned at the release of Woody having tried several other distributions.
This made me realise quite how technically superior Debian was and I have
not looked back since.

Linux and Free software was an escape from the annoyances and
restrictiveness of Windows. I like being able to fix things myself and try
out new things.  Most of all I firmly believe that the Free Software
movement is a technically and socially superior way of developing software.

For a while I have been on the periphery of Debian, using it, rather than
contributing, but I want to make it better and fix some of the problems I
see in the Project because I want to continue to have a high class
distribution to use. I believe Debian and contributing to it is the way to
do this.

http://wiki.debian.org/MatthewJohnson is pretty up-to-date, although I've
recently been involved with the debian-installer team working on better
support for pre-seeding complex partitioning (see debian-boot) and the
debian-java team proposing better handling of jars and applications in

2. Philosophy and Procedures

Matthew understands Debian's philosophy and procedures.  He agrees with
the Social Contact and the DMUP, has answered questions relating to
philosophy, procedures and tasks/skills.

3. Tasks and Skills

Matthew maintains a number of packages in main, including bluemon, gbib
and id3ren.  He's the co-maintainer (with Miriam Ruiz) of fretsonfire
and fretsonfire-songs-sectoid.

4. Recommendation

I recommend to accept Matthew as a Debian Developer.

5. Account Information

Username: mjj29
Email: debian@matthew.ath.cx

Martin Michlmayr

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