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AM report for Bastian Venthur

1. Identification & Background

pub   1024D/F61F73F8 2005-04-07
      Key fingerprint = 5CF1 1967 0EE2 3A8E 8237  6221 9A3E BA3F F61F 73F8
uid                  Bastian Venthur <mail@venthur.de>
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sig!         798DD95C 2005-08-17  Michael Piefel (DD) <piefel@debian.org>
sub   2048g/DA18C204 2005-04-07
sig!         F61F73F8 2005-08-12  Bastian Venthur <mail@venthur.de>

"I'm currently 25 years old and study computer science (major), physics
(minor) and business administration (minor) at the Free University Berlin.

I started using Linux during my first year at the University (2001).
I've tried a few distros until I sticked to Debian. I was quite
impressed by Debian's package management which was superior to what
other distros could offer those days and made Debian (against the major
opinion those days) more user friendly than other distros I've tried.

During my studies I discovered, that Debian (or Linux in general) is an
excellent platform for programming and due it's open nature a great
source of material to learn from. So I became interested in free
software in general. I realized over time what free software offers
(apart from being free of charge) and how much it already gave me.

Knowing that the existence of free software projects strongly depends on
contributions/ors and being very interested in learning more about
Debian as operating system, I decided to become a DD.

Besides being an active member of d-u-german, and reporter of quite a
few bugs, I'm currently maintaining mainly kde-related packages. I want
to help Debian to stay what it is already well known for: a rock stable,
free system with an excellent and reliable package management. Besides
those more general goals I'd like to see Debian becoming more user
friendly -- and by user friendly I mean newbie friendly."

2. Philosophy and Procedures

Bastian understands Debian's philosophy and procedures.  He agrees with
the Social Contact and the DMUP, has answered questions relating to
philosophy, procedures and tasks/skills.

3. Tasks and Skills

He maintains a number of packaes, including:


4. Recommendation

I recommend to accept Bastian as a Debian Developer.
Martin Michlmayr

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