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AM report for Nelson Antônio de Oliveira <naoliv@gmail.com>

Report for new developer applicant Nelson Antônio de Oliveira.

1. Identification & Background

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   Nelson Antônio de Oliveira writes:

    My name is Nelson Antônio de Oliveira. On 99,9% of time I use
    Nelson A. de Oliveira, because I think that my name is a little
    big. I am a 22 years old male, from Brazil. On 27 of january I
    have obtained my Bacherlor's degree in Computer Science and I will
    start my Master's degree now on march. I still don't know exactly
    the area that I will study (bioinformatics or AI and datamining).
    I prefer bioinfo, since I worked with it for about 3 years.
    The first time I've heard about GNU/Linux was when I was 16 years
    old more or less. One friend of mine always talked about Linux. I
    didn't know what was Linux, but I always liked what he said. One
    day, when my family and I were travelling, I saw one CD for sale,
    of Mandrake. I bought it!
    I stayed months with that CD and with fear of installing it :-)
    But I installed it after all. It was fantastic. I could listen to
    music, play my CDs, surf on Internet, write documents and even run
    Windows programs via Wine. That was really incredible for a
    "difficult" system.
    Time passed, I changed my dual Windows/Linux to just Linux and I
    have entered on the university. Tha labs where I studied were
    running Linux! I was feeling in home! :-)
    When I was on my second year at the university, one researcher was
    offering work on his lab. I went there to see on wich area. He
    started talking about a lot of areas and when he said "Would you
    like to work with Linux?" I opened a big smile and said "Sure!"
    Basically, he was wanting some kind of personalized Linux to be
    used for bioinformatics. He said that we would use Red Hat,
    because "Red Hat is the most used on the scientific community." (I
    have to say that I don't like RH).
    I started to play with RH, but it wasn't OK... After some research
    about Linux distros, I saw Debian. "Let's try it, why not?" After
    downloading the first CD of Woody, installing and dist-upgrading
    to unstable, I saw that I was with the perfect system. It was easy
    to use Debian! Since this day, I use Debian on my computer, my
    work machines, my friends machines, some Linux Install Fests that
    I participated and everywhere else that I can say "Use Debian."
    When doing this project that I said (about bioinformatics),
    Andreas Tille sent me an email, saying basically "I saw that you
    are creating some packages that could be usefull. Why not include
    them on Debian? We all will benefit with this."
    Do you know what I saw when Andreas sent me this email? "It's my
    chance to give something back to the community." I use superb
    programs here, with excellent quality, and I didn't need to pay
    for them. Someone, from some place from Earth, used his free time
    to make a program that I use. He didn't ask me "Give me money and
    I will program it". He did it because he likes it! We can say that
    he is helping everybody that uses his program. If I use programs
    that were made like this, the minimum that I can make is to give
    some help back to the comunnity, right?
    This is the answer of why do I want to volunteer my time. Because
    I want to help the free software grow! I want to "pay" for what I
    have received for all those years. I want to help. That is it. (I
    don't know if I was clear at trying to explain).
    For Debian I am maintaing 9 packages (1 on non-free). Basically, I
    want to keep maintaing these packages and include more, as I see
    that they are usefull. I plan to keep helping on debian-med, a
    CDD, togheter with Andreas Tille. QA is another area that I like
    and I have interests. Helping users is another good area that I
    have interests. On the other areas, I will do my best and try to
    help where I can help, making Debian even better, sure.

2. Philosophy and Procedures
   Nelson Antônio de Oliveira has an excelent understanding of
   Debian's Philosophy and Procedures. He answered all of the
   questions I asked about them completely, with minimal need for
   followup questions.

3. Tasks and Skills
   Nelson Antônio de Oliveira is the Maintainer of gdpc, gff2ps,
   optipng, pngnq, pngquant, qsf and sim4, as well as a Comaintainer
   of biofox, all Packages in Debian which have been sponsored by

   He has answered my questions about the tasks and skills that Debian
   Developers need to possess or be aware of in an appropriate

4. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept him as a Debian Developer.

   Account: naoliv
   Forward-Email: naoliv@gmail.com

Don Armstrong


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