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Re: The compliance of the licences of OpenCascade and WildMagic libraries to the GPL requirements of Debian

On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 10:37:44PM +1300, Dominik Margraf wrote:
> Are the licenses of these libraries above compliant to Debian's requirements? 
> If so, then can it be debianized and put into the main repository?  If not,
> then can they still go to contrib/non-free sections, so that someone can still
> debianize free-cad and put it in the contrib section?

Firstly, your mail is better off being sent to debian-mentors.

However, these licences aren't ok. "You are also obliged to send your
modifications of the original source code (if you have made any) to the
Initial Developer (i.e. Open CASCADE S.A.)" in the first case, and
restrictions on commercial use for the second.

Neil McGovern
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