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The compliance of the licences of OpenCascade and WildMagic libraries to the GPL requirements of Debian


I discovered a very good GPL 3D-CAD system called freecad


which is not yet debianized at the moment.  However in its documentation


says that we need these libraries

  1. Python (http://www.python.org), I have 2.3
  2. Qt (http://www.trolltech.no), >= 3.2.x, I have 3.2.1
  3. Coin3D (http://www.coin3d.org), >= 2.x, I have 2.2.1
  4. SoQt? ( http://www.coin3d.org), >= 1.x, I have 1.0.2
  5. OpenCascade? ( http://www.opencascade.org), you need >=5.1 here, I have 5.2
  6. Xercesc (downloads http://xml.apache.org/dist/xercesc/), mine is 2.4

And for the Mesh module of FreeCAD the additional libraries

  1. GTS Library (http://gts.sourceforge.net), I have 0.7.3
  2. Wild Magic (http://www.geometrictools.com), I have 3.3
to compile.  However OpenCascade


and Wild Magic


Are the licenses of these libraries above compliant to Debian's requirements?  If so, then can it be debianized and put into the main repository?  If not, then can they still go to contrib/non-free sections, so that someone can still debianize free-cad and put it in the contrib section?


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