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AM report for Carlo Segre

Report for Debian Developer Applicant Carlo Segre 

1. Identification & Background

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uid                  Carlo U. Segre (Professor of Physics) <segre@iit.edu>
sig!         91B0D3B7 2003-12-30  Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd@debian.org>
sig!3        93701EEF 2003-12-25  Carlo U. Segre (Professor of Physics) <segre@iit.edu>
sub   2048g/A9DE13CC 2003-12-25
sig!         93701EEF 2003-12-25  Carlo U. Segre (Professor of Physics) <segre@iit.edu>

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   Applicant writes:

	I am a Professor of Physics at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT).  I
	have been at IIT for 22 years now, starting as an Assistant Professor.  My
	Ph.D. is on Condensed Matter Physics and I have been using computers for
	various purposes since the early 1970s.  I worked as a systems programmer
	as an undergraduate and I did a lot of assembly language programming for
	laboratory data acquisition and control systems using the Motorola 6809
	processor and the OS/9 operating system, a real time Unix-like system.
	I have also done a lot of FORTRAN programming including porting and
	maintaining programs for Crystallographic Structure analysis from VAX to
	PC and finally to Linux.  This is mostly what I do now as far as coding
	My research centers around using synchrotron x-ray sources for the study
	of the structures of materials.  I also am Deputy Director and operations
	Manager for the Materials Research Collaborative Access Team
	(http://mrcat.iit.edu) which is located at the Advanced Photon Source at
	Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, Illinois.  The beamline uses a
	data acquisition and control system, MX (http://mx.iit.edu) that I have
	been funding the development of for the past 10 years.  THis system runs
	on many platforms but at the MR-CAT beamline, we use mostly Debian Linux
	machines.  My research is now focussing on local structural studies of
	fuel cell catalysts, corrosion studies of steels, nucleation and growth of
	crystals of small organic molecules and local structure in multiferroic
	materials.  If you would like to know more about these kinds of things, I
	will be happy to oblige.
	I have been using Debian since version 0.99 in 1995 or so.  Before that we
	put Slackware on our departmental Computer Cluster but Debian immediately
	offered us the ability to upgrade without completely reinstalling
	everytime and having to write out 50 floppy disks or so.  I have been
	using Debian ever since and I have, at various times been responsible for
	up to 30 workstations running Debian Linux.  More recently, I have been
	able to have a sysadmin working for the research group.
	About 2 years ago, I decided that I wanted to make some of the scientific
	programs that I use available in a form that would be easily
	redistributable to any of the computers in my research group or the
	department.  This meant that I had to learn to make Debian packages.  I
	have a private repository with a number of these packages in it now.
	These mostly include programs for x-ray diffraction and spectroscopy data
	analysis and other programs that we develop in my research group.

2. Philosophy and Procedures

        Carlo understands Debian's Philosophy and Procedures. He 
        answered all my questions about the Social Contract, the DFSG 
        and the BTS very well.

3. Tasks and Skills

        Carlo maintains fityk (sponsored Anibal Salazar (anibal)), and 
        co-maintains in Debian's perl team libchemistry-elements-perl, 
        libdbd-odbc-perl, libmath-combinatorics-perl, libmath-derivative-perl,
        libmath-numbercruncher-perl, libmath-spline-perl, 
        libstatistics-descriptive-perl, libtime-stopwatch-perl,
        libtk-gbarr-perl, libtk-histentry-perl, libtk-png-perl,
        libtk-pod-perl, libtk-splashscreen-perl - Carlo's uploads for perl packages 
        have been sponsored by Joachim Breitner, Gunnar Wolf and Gustavo Franco

        Outside Debian, Carlo maintains X-ray software mentioned in introduction at

4. Recommendation

        I recommend to accept him as a Debian Developer.
        Account:       segre
        Forward-Email: segre@iit.edu

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